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Monday, January 14, 2013

Jumping on the Bandwagon

All of us who are avid readers and live for the next book know that since Fifty Shades of Grey and Bared to You burst into mainstream reading that we have had a number of other books come out that are trying to ride this "BDSM" wave.  The problem is ..do we care?  I mean we have read FSoG and BtY..why do we need to read some knock off duplicate of what we have already read?  There are have been a few of these books such as Up in the Air by R.K. Lilley that have caused some buzz.  To be honest I have not read this one but some of my Goodreads friends have said it was a Fifty knock off but a well written one and it would be worth picking up.  

This got me wondering, yes yes I know, always dangerous, how influenced "real" bookofiles are by mainstream publishing?  Have you found yourself looking for books with a more erotic theme and perhaps some kink?  Were you always reading this genre before and Fifty left no impression on you? 

 Or are you of the "Fifty isn't true literature and why would I want to dirty my hands with it?"  Personally I admit with my reading I do get influenced by my GR friends and their ratings.

 I often visit Gotta Have Paranormal Romance with a Kick and browse their "Read Rave Review" thread to see what people are reading and what they are buzzing about. 
What they liked and what they didn't like, the funny thing is I generally find myself checking out books they rip apart cause I can't believe anything could be that bad...and well times they really are that bad.  *wincing as she remembers Ride a Cock-horse and shudders* 

What about you?  Trendsetter? Mainstream follower? Peer pressure chooser?  or Review Reader?  Where do you fit into the bookoholic pigeon hole?  

Or is there one I have forgotten?  Let me know that too!


  1. I'm a bit of everything!
    If i'm stuck I ask my friends, if I'm going to review a book, it has to be something that I want to read and I just randomly pick books. :)
    BTW I haven't read 50 Shades, I just haven't got around to it yet....

  2. Well, there's the DGAS crowd - LOL. Seriously, I haven't read any of the BDSM books except Beloved Vampire by Joey W. Hill - an excellent writer. I did start FSoG and found it interesting but wandered off into more comfortable places (TBR list rules my life - ack!). Mainly, I don't jump to reading these books because of a chronic pain condition. So why would I want to read about people inflicting it upon themselves - intentionally? Note that I find this hysterically funny! I'm doing everything I can to stay pain free and others are oiling their cherished leather cat o' nine tails. LOL.

    That aside, this is an excellent topic. What is your genre? What kind of reader are you? Did 50 fill a need? Or create one? Since I already know that many good (and very responsible) authors of the BDSM genre have been out there for years, I must ask, what changed? And most importantly, what are the ER stats on injuries these days? That, I would love to know. With pictures and/or video, please :D Love you, T! Great topic!