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Monday, January 28, 2013

It's All about the Wolves for Me

Hanging out and chatting on Goodreads you sure get a lot of great recommendations but what happens when you burn out? When you go through your TBR lists of hundreds of books and just shrug and say I just don't feel like any of them .  Now what happens? You know you can go for more than 2 days without reading or the world will end, but what to read?  This is something I've heard several times in my own little corner of Goodreads. When you have over 3000 members giving you suggestions and you keep saying nah...then throwing yourself in a chair in a snit, you have to wonder if you have some kind of book S.A.D.S. ...

There are plenty of wonderful books out there and more being released all the time.  So what do we do?  The most common cure is to read something outside your normal genre, basically take a break from romance.  I know, like..no happily ever after?? wow that is going out of the comfort zone.  So do you tiptoe in to part of the genre you don't normally read?  Historical Romance, young adult, new adult or even suspense, with this we know there is at least a good chance of a HEA.  Maybe, you decide to push your limits and go into heavy erotic romance, a few girls did that then asked for bleach to wash their eyes out from trying to picture what was going on in the books. (chickens)  So now what?   Rent a movie?  watch tv? or *gasp* take a walk.

I personally had this issue last summer and I mean for the entire summer.  I just couldn't get enthusiastic over any book. I have to admit I was accused of being cranky ..yes me! cranky..I know I couldn't believe it either LOL.  I did however find a cure for my book lethargy ..it was a well loved series and audio-books   That is right I spent the entire summer listening to every single Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter book.  I have reread this series several times and every time I do there is something I got that I missed the other times.  Listening to it was like it became a whole new series.  I was once again enjoying the series as if it was the first time and again fell in love with Anita and all her men..yes even Edward I suppose, not sure about Richard. *grin*

So my burn lead me to a brand new media for books and I find I enjoy my rereads on audio-books immensely, it has become my preferred method of rereading a series.  I have suggested this to several of my Kick'n friends and they too are enjoying the gift of audio-books 

As we come to the end of January I have to admit this month has been all about Shifters and a reread (listen) to Kerrelyn Spark's, Love at Stake series.  The first series I turned to was the Halle Pumas by Dana Marie Bell.  I didn't realize this novels where short but so incredibly enjoyable I just couldn't stop there.  My darling bestie Bookie then told me the follow up series Halle Shifters was about Bear shifters and I was sold...*if you know me at all you will know I am completely bear crazy*  The Halle Shifters were longer and had more depth to them which I really enjoyed, the other thing I loved...other than the Bear shifters is that DMB brought the characters from the Halle Puma series into the Halle Shifter books so it was almost like a continuous read.  Dana Marie Bell then had the nerve to introduce wolves!

Handsome, alpha wolves ..and had the courage to start her Poconos Wolves series with a M/M love story.  No not graphic, it was a true, sweet love story between 2 characters you met in the shifters books and I adored it but like all good things I read all the books, the vignettes that DMB had on her website..and was done until her next book.  *sigh* now what...more shifters is what.  Several years a go  I stumbled on some Harlequin Nocturne books by Bonnie Vanak that I loved and remembered I had always wanted to go and find the complete series and I did .   I am currently reading the Draicon Wolves by Bonnie Vanak and loving them.  Bonnie has a whole different look at werewolves and their origins and behaviors   The enemy she has created for them is incredibly powerful and brings the action and suspense level up to a boil.  I have read the .05 book and am almost done the 1st book and I can't wait to find out what happens in the rest of the story.

So, how has the year started out for you?  Are you experiencing readers block?  What are you doing to dig yourself out of the pit of book lethargy?  Have you stumbled into a sub-genre of your favorite genre that you have only superficially explored?   Whats going on in your January?   Let me know:)...oh btw have you listened to a good book yet?

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  1. You make me smile. I'm beginning to enjoy many different types of shifters. You're doing a great job of blogging too!