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Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Billionaire Bad Boys Club

t'irla ~The BookSlayer~'s review Nov 12, 12  ·
 Erotic Romance

Wow Emma Holly what an onion of a story. You had all the elements and just mixed with smoking hot steam and it becomes one of my favorite books! Great Job


Self-made billionaires Zane and Trey have been a club of two since they were eighteen. They've done everything together: play football, fall in love, even get smacked around by their dads. The only thing they haven’t tried is seducing the same woman.

Rebecca learned early on not to trust anyone. She raised her brothers by herself—with no adult being the wiser. Her knack for cooking kept a roof over the twins’ heads. Now she’s damned if it won’t pay their way through Harvard as well. Add in running Trey’s latest restaurant, and her plate is way too full for romance.

That’s an attitude the bad boys intend to change. Zane and Trey have set their sights on the sexy chef. When their hearts enter the equation and they both fall for her, this committed twosome faces their hardest test of all!

My Thoughts:

The layers of this story are freaking amazing. We start with 2 young men exploring their sexuality when they find they have common ground, not just both coming from abusive homes but both finding they like both guys and girls. The relationship grows into a beautiful joining of hearts. When Rebecca is first introduced we find out Trey is not getting all he needs emotionally from Zane..and that Zane isn't as secure as he thought in their relationship. Rebecca brings her own layers into the story with her raising her twin brothers from the age of 16..this made her mature differently as her priorities were a bit different than most young girl's. The beauty of Rebecca's coming of age and discovering a life for herself is that her sexual experimentation was with the two guys she would end up loving and sharing life. The story is a weave of feelings, self discovery and good hot sex. Though the book is erotica it overs the sex as part of the story and not the story as part of the sex scenes. It helped up learn more about our main characters and you could tell Emma Holly was careful where she placed the scenes and allowed the reader to really connect with each characters feelings. The final layer is the love and romance that comes from a m/m loving couple and allowing a f to share in the love and have special relationships with both her lovers, all together or separate.

This is my first Emma Holly book but certainly not the last one. I am a fan of erotica and do enjoy m/m and m/m/f books and this novel is in my top 5 favorite Menage books. I give it a shiny 4.5 star rating and I know I will reread it again. I give it a high recommendation to not only m/m/f lovers but lovers of m/f erotica as well. The story makes it all worthwhile.

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