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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Our Many Faces

Now now, I know you are saying I don't have many faces, I'm just me but think about it. Think of your behavior and body language when meeting strangers or greeting friends.  Then the face you save for your family and  that face is different for your siblings from the one you show your parents.  Part of this is how they view you but a great part is how you want them to see you.  Different situations will also bring out our different faces.  Panic, joy, sadness, all are portrayed differently and people will view you differently because of it. I myself am guilty of this in the extreme, I blame the fact that I am a Gemini and therefore it is inbred within me to be different with unconnected people.  In high school I was the girl who hung out on the periphery  not in a bad way.  I could work my way into any of the school cliques and receive invitations to a lot of very different parties.  As an adult I have worked in sales and used this "talent" to my success.

So why are we talking about this?  Because as I read Hyde, an Urban Fantasy by Lauren Stewart I began thinking of ways and situations that would make us show a face to the world which we would rather not have them see and then I thought about the Christmas party I attended this past weekend.  There was a lot of alcohol consumed at this party.  With the alcohol, people's faces changed, most were ok  but they  made you feel uncomfortable, gushing, speaking loudly etc but there were those few that you just felt embarrassed  because you knew they would regret their behavior come morning.  Do we really want  leave this impression with people we see once a year or very rarely?  Do we need the alcohol to feel comfortable in a crowd?  Is a party just an excuse to let your inhibitions down? I don't have the answers for these questions.  I just know that the face I show when drunk is not one I would want to be remembered for and therefore is one I refuse to show.  Maybe this year before heading to that party or event we need to consider what face we want to share and remember that drinking may not bring out a very attractive face. Do you want to chance it??  Think about it.   Be Safe and if you have to drink please don't drive.

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