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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I'm Afraid,Please don't ruin my Fav Books with your Movie!

I am loving that so many of my favorite self published authors are being picked up by publishing Houses, I feel like a proud parent and love when I can say "I knew them before the fame".  I have been fortunate that with my role in "Gotta Have Paranormal Romance with a Kick" on Goodreads I have actually "met" so many of these wonderful writers.  In fact we joke at 'kicks' that you have to do a Question & Answer session with us to be picked up.  You see we seem to have a pattern, we talked with E.L. James and a few months later she was picked up by a publisher and Fifty Shades of Grey became the phenomenon we see now.  This has happened with Sylvia Day and our discussion of Bared to You, Elizabeth Hunter after discussing A Hidden Fire, Sylvain Renard with Gabriel's Fire and we still have our fingers crossed for Kristen Ashley with her Rock Chick Books, they are fabulous and funny and need to be out there.  I had better mention some of the other wonderful authors who have graced us with their participation in our Q&A (yes, I am name dropping):
Jeaniene Frost
● Lorelei James
● Cherise Sinclair
● Joss Ware/Colleen Gleason
● D.B. Reynolds
● Alexandra Ivy
● Thea Harrison
● Darynda Jones
● Kerrelyn Sparks
And we will have ● Shannon K. Butcher: March 28 2013 (7:00-9:00 pm ET). All these wonderful people have been warm, friendly and our members love and support them.

I worry though, so many of our favorite books and series are being picked up for movies or television.  I just can't see them doing justice to certain books.  I loved Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy but so much of the book is erotic or dealing with erotic themes that even with a R rating I"m not sure it will play out the same way as the book and with a 2 hour time limit I am very concerned.  Sherrilyn Kenyon's Chronicles of Nick  and Dark Hunters are being made into movies and a possible TV series. I shake my head.  I guess I just don't get it, there is no way a scriptwriter, actors, directors or cinematographers can compete with what we see in our minds eye when we read the words, how will they live up to those visuals.

I think the Harry Potter Movies came the closest to the books, with these movies the writers and directors "got it" and the feel and the flavor came through in the movies and it was a job well done.  Twilight?  It got better when the directors got better from New Moon forward they were enjoyable to watch. Then of course we have the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and Hobbit.  I haven't seen Hobbit yet but have heard mixed reviews. However the Lord of the Rings was very well done.    Sure the above are positive examples but they also have a Y/A theme, even LoTR in it's time was written for a Y/A audience...no sex. Then we have Sookie, HBO jumped in with True Blood, after the first season it had nothing to do with the books other than they used the same names and had vampires.  Going back a ways, we have  Tom Clancy and I was totally let down with the Jack Ryan  movies.  I think they made 4 or 5 into movies and the only one that really worked and was close to the novel was Hunt for Red October it was here we found out that Alec Baldwin could act. Then they stuck Harrison Ford in there and he was way too old for the role, the writing sucked and they made them into 'adventure/Action flicks...then a few years later they regressed by using Ben Afflick..

So yes I am here spouting off but will I go see these movies, you betcha, will I be upset if they ruin them..you betcha.   What can I say I'm human and curious...How about you?  Will I be seeing you in the line  for any of these movies? Maybe I'll catch you on GR where we can argue about them.  I just am begging the authors who kept control of the script to please be firm and don't let them change to much of the books!

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  1. I agree with you. I'm scared of the movie too. LOL I also hate that once they get picked up from a publisher the price of the exact same book skyrockets.