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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Blushing Violet

'irla ~The BookSlayer~'s review Apr 22, 12  ·

Insecure, full figured heroine finds not just one handsome Dom but 2...Yes I'm jealous!


Shy and quirky Violet Bishop has finally found the perfect way to meet a man who could fulfill her hidden submissive desires, something that she has never dared to ask her conservative and uptight ex-boyfriends to do. She joins an on-line matchmaking site that puts couples together based on the books that they love, in this case the BDSM erotica that lines her bookshelves.

Two Dominant best friends and business partners, Carlos Romano and Morgan Kane, are matched with Violet. They both want to date her and rather than fight about it they decide to keep the fact that they know each other away from her and let her pick who she wants to be with. A good idea in theory but something that become impossible as they both fall in love with Violet and wish to make her their own.

Carlos and Morgan work on building up Violet’s almost non-existent self-esteem and help her find an inner strength she never knew she had, along with an almost bottomless craving for their dominant touch. When Violet discovers they have been lying to her, the men realize that they have made her strong enough to leave them, and they have to find a way to win their perfect woman back, no matter what

My Thoughts:

What a sweet bdsm (sorta) based love story. Everything happens very quickly in the book as it was only 160 pages long and in dealing with BDSM I have a couple issues with that..and I will touch on them in a minute. Violet is a great underdog heroine, size 16 (like that is fat ..I think NOT), shy, self conscious who has been mentally abused by her family and ex boyfriends for years. Carlos and Morgan are toooo die for Dominate alpha males...everything you could want in a man, wealth, looks, sweet personalities. The love story was terrific in an innocent kinda of way. My issues are since when does this type of male look for submissive on a literary online dating service..this stretched my imagination some what. Since when does a Dom jump right into playing outside a BDSM club with someone they are not sure is even interested in RL playing. To top it off how can a Dom ask a sub within hours of meeting if she trusts him enough to "play". I understand that stuff had to happen quickly..but a bit of lead up would have been good... Perhaps phone conversations or something to that effect so a bit more trust could be have been developed before they got down to "business".

I know I cut this book up quite a bit but I do have to say I loved it...it really appealed to the romantic in me..and after I turned off my reality switch...I was hooked. I recommend this read for anyone who likes light bdsm and gorgeous men and hawt, steamy sex scenes, did I mention the hawt, steamy sex scenes??...

I gave it a soft 4 stars based on the way I felt after reading it..all mush inside and wishing I was a Blushing Violet:!

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