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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Beautiful Disaster

t'irla ~The BookSlayer~'s review Feb 15, 12  ·

Why is it that everything that should make you want to run in the opposite direction is suddenly sexy as hell and you can't stop reading? 

Travis is "that" guy. Handsome, tattoo'd, cut, needy and a fighter in all senses of the word however Travis is also 'that' guy. Smart, strong, protective, funny, loving and absolutely not what Abby wants or needs. Here is a young couple with more baggage than a 747 heading to the tropics and watching them work though their different issues is like trying not to watch a car wreck as you drive by. Impossible. Abby is trying to change and separate herself from who she was and be who she wants to be...Travis is just sleeping and fighting his way through life...and is the type of guy Abby is trying to get away from ..and out of this they are perfect for each other. 

This is no hearts and flowers, fluffy romance novel. This is a raw, emotional, romance where you will hate the hero and curse the heroine as much as you love them. Jamie McGuire is an extremely talented author. Her crafting of characters is what I think is getting her compared to E.L.James. The books though are entirely different but the emotions the characters create in the reader come from the same places..the heart and the stomach. 

I have read several reviews that totally bust on Travis and his exploits especially the "bimbo duo" scene but I feel this scene is there to show us just how far Travis has grown and how goal oriented he can be. It also shows us how strong Abby is, most women would have run outta there screaming. Watching Travis fight his attraction and attachment to Abby was in my opinion heartwarming. Ok at the time you read of his unsavory exploits you want to smack him...but really Abby was no different when she used Parker, seeing him because he was the type of guy she thought she needed. 

As we read though the book we see a change of roles between the two characters. Travis becomes steady and reliable, sure of his feelings and what he wants. Abby runs! as fast as she can in the opposite direction yet leading Travis on because she knows in her heart of hearts he is the 'one' for her. 

In some ways this novel is a blueprint of a dysfunctional relationship and yet understanding both characters backgrounds and needs lets us know this "Beautiful Disaster" is exactly what both characters need to make it though life. It is one time where unhealthy is actually the illusion for a healthy relationship. 

I enjoyed this book...I know it has been classed Y/A but really I feel it is a contemporary romance for teens and adults. It was a fantastic read and I highly recommend that you all read it and fall in love with Travis and Abby the way I did. 5+++ stars to this novel and a secure place on my "favorites" shelf right next to the Fifty Trilogy and Reluctant Dom. Thanks Jamie McGuire! ....now shoo...go....buy it...you know you want to.. *LOL*


  1. well just to start it off - I did not really like Beautiful Disaster as a book - and the trailer put me off even more..but thats just my opinion and I know I am in the minority

  2. Nice review hon. I liked it too and gave it 4 stars. i'm hearing about this new sub genre called "New Adult"…stories with people say 18+. I think this book would fall into that category. that's what i'm hearing anyway. There's a sequel coming in April called Walking Disaster. I'll read it I'm sure.